AryaLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution that sports the XFCE and Mate desktop environments. Being born out of the need to automate the process of building Linux from source code, AryaLinux takes the ideas presented in the LFS/BLFS books further by providing build scripts that make building Linux from Source code, faster and easier. In some respects AryaLinux is similar to ALFS in terms of the objective of being process automation of LFS but there are large differences as well. While ALFS automates just LFS, AryaLinux gives you the power to build a complete desktop environment from source code. More that that you can use the tools that we provide with AryaLinux to build a full-fledged distro that you can share with others.

Apart from build scripts that automate building from source, AryaLinux provides tools to do the following:

  • A very simple package management script that does dependency resolution
  • Scripts to build hybrid Live ISOs
  • A simple GUI installer that can be extended, re-branded and used for installing your distribution

AryaLinux is Open Source, all the packages that are a part of AryaLinux are mostly open source but AryaLinux is not just compatible with open source packages. It is possible to install binary packages as well in AryaLinux.


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