Installing applications on AryaLinux using alps

AryaLinux comes with a utility called alps. This tool can be used to install packages on top of the packages that were installed as a part of the base system. Alps makes use of build scripts which are bash scripts to download source tarballs for the package, extract them, build and install them. These build scripts also have information about the dependencies that need to be installed before the package itself can be installed. Alps takes this information, works out a list of dependencies and the order in which they need to be installed and then installs them.

Run the following command to know more about the options that can be passed to alps:

alps help

Here are few useful alps commands that you might need to know:

Command Purpose Example
alps install To install a package alps install vlc
alps selfupdate To update alps alps update
alps updatescripts To download the latest build scripts. You need to run this command before trying to upgrade an existing package alps updatescripts
alps showall Show the list of all available packages that can be installed using build scripts alps showall
alps showinstalled List the packages that have been installed alps showinstalled
alps clean Alps keeps accumulating package tarballs in cache and that consumes space. You can clear the cache in case you are running short of space by doing alps clean. This is necessary to be done especially after very large package installations like libreoffice and QT alps clean
alps urlinstall In case you know the link to the source code for a particular package you can simply do alps urlinstall and pass the source tarball path and alps would try installing the package with default configuration options. alps urlinstall
alps src While downloading certain package in case alps fails due to a broken link, you can do an alps src to guide alps to download the source tarball from an alternate location. Once the download completes, you can resume installation by doing alps install… alps src

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